Ask E. Jean

Why We Read Ask E. Jean

Matt: To call E. Jean Carroll "no nonsense" is not quite right; Carroll takes nonsense into her giant hand, grinds its bones to make her bread, and force feeds nonsense bread back to the fools who dared enter her domain. But she's not all Tough Love; Carroll is frequently Jane Austen-ian and poetic in style, and those exclamations tend to read like two drunken English majors lovingly scrawling lines back and forth to each other in a bar's bathroom stall in unapologetically bold sharpie, but I enjoy her all the more for it. For example: "He won't do, Miss Day. One looks askance! Rid yourself of the man!" However, I do regard E. Jean more as an entertainer and less as an advice giver, given that she prioritizes absurdism over any kind of pragmatic or progressive advice otherwise seen on this list (fair warning on that front: she sometimes has some very problematic, regressive things to say).