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Hail and well met! Welcome to The Hub, a tavern protected by powerful enchantments that protect you from the chaos outside of these walls. Oh, forgive me, I haven't properly introduced you to your new home, but it's not an easy thing to take in. You may want to sit down for this.

For starters: you should know that the multiverse is real, and extraordinarily few ever gain the ability to walk between planes. You're here because you are a Planeswalker, Harry—or whoever you are—and the moment that your spark ignited, it brought you here to the plane of Astrixia. Why you? Well, as an avid, voracious consumer of advice, your knowledge reached such heights that you've ascended beyond your species, and as such your mind has unlocked an aptitude for wielding the power of magic. Here, you are among fellow Planeswalkers whose means of ascension mirrors your own.

Astrixia is a plane where magic has been refined and ruled for millennia by the wise and mysterious Elder Strix, a sentient owl-like race whose morality is often mystifying at best, as they hold onto many deep secrets about this plane and are not fully trusting of humankind. That refinement began with the written word, an art so potent when mastered that magic itself leaps off the page, barely controllable. Without exception, all of the finest Planeswalkers appreciate that foundation.

However, there are rogue wizards who have stolen some of this knowledge and have used it for vindictive, destructive ends, summoning all manner of eldritch monsters from the darkest depths to do their bidding. Some have even begun, however crudely, to tap into the source of magic through spoken word alone, bypassing the Elder Strix's gatekeeping that was once so ironclad, so essential in keeping the peace in Astrixia.

You may venture outside of the doors of this tavern of your own free will, but you have been warned, young wizard, of the dangers outside. You've been warned of those lost souls who were once, long ago, like you are now in this chair, hearing this tale and beginning to grasp the kind of power potentially at their disposal. For now, your planes walking powers can only bring you back to your home plane. But, if you so choose, you may journey here beyond these walls and pursue the life of an apprentice wizard to the Elder Strix, where you may learn to walk to new planes and where you will certainly find your full potential, whatever path you choose to walk.

Young Planeswaker, what will you do? Will you embrace the wonder and danger of this world, or will you return to the relative comfort and safety of your own?

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